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About us

itnow was born out the founders need to preserve his own ageing VHS video collection. Not wanting to lose the classic music of the 80's or the cherished sporting videos of the same era to the inevitable deterioration of metallic videotape, he spent hours learning the finer points of conversion from VHS video to the superior quality and convenience of DVD video, and preserving those hits and memories forever.

How  digitise
itnow can help you:
Saving those precious tapes and special memories for a lifetime is what we are all about..........From a straight forward conversion of your favourite VHS videotape to DVD, to a fully featured DVD of your special event to show family and friends.We can design a informative "front page" menu of your disc content, helpful "chapter points" of interest to find that special point in time quickly and easily, and even a slideshow of your favourite digital still images from the same event .....all on the same DVD. Old photos, slides and negatives are not forgotten either, why not transfer those to CD or DVD and view them on your TV or computer. Do you have plenty of video camera tapes that you need your camera to view with, no problem, we can convert those too.
All this possible and done with prompt service, state of the art equipment and quality software by the team at  digitise

itnow uses only high end products to produce your DVD video.
A powerful Quad Core processor is backed up by 16GB of RAM that ensures no file is too big to be processed quickly and easily. High quality SONY audio/visual equipment is used in the conversion process including their new Dual Layer DVD writer, capable of writing up to 8.5GB of data on appropriate media, thats up to 3 hours of video on one disc. Labelling of disc's and scanning your old photo's, negatives and slides is done on quality CANON equipment ensuring a perfect result everytime.

Software is not forgotten either, digitise
itnow can choose between several different encoding, capture and authoring programs to best suit the needs of the client and the desired project. Lastly we only use top quality DVD/CD media to ensure the end result is one that will last a lifetime.  
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